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I’m writing a book & It should be finished by the end of next week.

I know that some sellers have A LOT of orders and are still trying to reach level 2 seller status.

I’ve learned that my situation is quite unique & there are people out there looking for guidance.

I’m here to help.

I hope to reach TOP SELLER status.

I like fiverr and it’s doing wonders for my personal business

with the experience i’m gaining & Extra Income.

It’s amazing.


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Nope, its free…

I’m not trying to sell it.

Hence, why a price NEVER was mentioned

I want to share the knowledge, NOT PROFIT OFF IT.

“forcedlogic”…great name,…it’s quite ironic when you think about the comment you just made… “I love it, you’re definitely getting mentioned in the book”

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Reply to @rajahabib:

Hello Rajahabib!

I’m absolutely new on Fiverr. I was reading so much about how to sell. It seems I did it all right. I’ve got almost 1000 people who saw my gig for a week. And here is the thing - no one ordered! Could you please have a look and let me know what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!



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Reply to @ellydru1: Your gigs look fine to me. They are very interesting too. Especially the one where you will make someone jealous :P.

Here is a tip: Go to the reviews section, and check out the top rated gigs and the recommended gigs. See what titles and descriptions they are using. You may want to make your title focus on some particular thing. Right now you are offering to write review anywhere. Try to make it narrow. For example on Yelp or you can select a particular category like mobile app reviews, book reviews etc.

Let me know if this helps 🙂

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Reply to @rajahabib:

Thanks for your help! I was thinking about it! I can’t put all the tags for review so I was thinking to create few different gigs (one for Google reviews, one other for app reviews … etc). Do you also think it’s a good idea if I ask someone to order my gig just for a good rating? Does it matter if I have only one positive review on my gig or not?

And yes - talking to someone with an experience always helps!

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I got my first order after 5 minutes after setting up my first gig. I was amazed, and I asked my first client how did he find me. He said he was looking for someone new to the site so he can work with. He became my first repeat buyer.

Like I said, communication and quality service is the key. I became obssesed somehow with fiverr after I studied it and realized it’s potential. So I read all the forum posts while I was becoming comfortable with the platform. I tried different tags, descriptions and extras for my gigs. It was a natural journey until this point.

Keep it up, do some research and I am sure you can succeed.

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Here’s another tip ma’am.

I just checked your profile and I must say that are beautiful.

Why not a sell a gig where you can model for brands? 🙂

Other than this, always sell more for less in the beginning, add a video of yourself explaining your service.

Offer your Gig extras as a pert of the basic gig in the beginning and once you build a clientele you can offer them as gig extras.

I hope this helps you.

BTW Santorini sounds like a one of the best places to visit.

Never been there but the place has been used in many of our Indian movies.

Peace and love to you from India.

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Reply to @rajahabib: Just like you said…well, I made over 73 sales in my first month and when I was given my level 1 badge, I was taken to 90% loading on level 2. I just had to wait patiently for the next month to finish up before getting my Level 2 badge…Like you’ve rightly mentioned…Customer relationship is the Master Magic wand! 🙂

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Reply to @grph_master2015: I just went through your gig and sorry I will need to be straight with you, so that you’ll understand why you’re not making any sales:

  1. Your response time is 17 hours bro. Fiverr would have thrown your gig to the junk yard by now.
  2. You have 2 logo design gigs, but when I visited the gig links, all I can see are child-like designs that speaks zero of a professional or a graduate of Computer Sciences.
  3. I’m 100% sure that you asked someone to buy that 1st gig, so that you can have a positive review on your account…This is an effective strategy in fiverr V1 and maybe V2, but clients don’t look at your reviews, they look at the work you’ve done.

  4. You need to start from the scratch, get a perfect keyword related name like “Graphics_Master15” or similar, just make sure the word “Graphics” is spelt correctly.
  5. make sure you get a new email for your fiverr account and check it every 20-30 minutes for messages. reply the messages immediately and be polite in your responses.
  6. Don’t play the cheap card, because everyone knows that the fakes do not have value in their services, so they just tell their clients to pay $5 for a job of $30-$50. I’ve had this very awesome client of mine who had to take 3 separate jobs to someone else because I charged the standard price and these other sellers agreed to do $120 work for $50-$60.

    But she eventually came back gave me a 30 minutes job where I made $30 from.
  7. Learn how to write engaging gig descriptions bro, you need it…

    I think these should be enough for you to start with, okay?

    best of luck.


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