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It's a Bird...It's a Plane... It's a Fiverr Level Two Seller!


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Yes ! i just got this mail from fiverr few mins back and by seeing it i was so damn happy that i couldn’t wait to share my fiverr experience with you all 😃

Some tips which i used to get 1-2 orders daily since the first day i joined fiverr -

  1. I have a great social presence and that helped me a lot to generate orders , specially from my facebook account , facebook pages & instagram profile , so when you make a new gig promote it daily using hashtags related to your gig and your gig will surely get attention .

  2. I even used my brothers twitter handle to promote my gig and got a lot of responses from there too , and an exact answer for the ones not having a good social presence use your family’s social accounts to connect with peoples or buy some gigs to get a start .

  3. The 2nd thing which helped me the most to get sellers was the BUYER REQUEST PAGE , never ever forget to submit your offers daily and when you are free just refresh the page and see if there are any new requests ,as the first ones to respond generally gets the buyer attention as the buyers delete the request after getting too many offers and you may miss the buyer even after submitting your offer , so be alert and try to be in the first 10 to submit an offer as most of the buyers delete there request after that . I got many regular buyers from there who keep using my services day to day .

    4)If you are a new seller here and you get messages or orders asking you to do more work than you are providing for 5$ , don’t say no , do it for 2 or 3 times and eventually you will start getting customers paying for your work what it is worth of , as for customers to order your gig they first need to be confident and that first 2-3 reviews provides them the confidence to purchase your gigs and this first 2-3 customers are mainly the re-sellers having good reputation on fiverr or other freelancing sites who searches for new sellers and get there work done for small amount and sale it to there customers for more amount , but to take a start up doing such orders will not hurt you but help you in your future .

    And some basic ones -

    Try and communicate with your sellers at your best , if someone doesn’t responds don’t hesitate to send them a message again .

    Try to make your gig pictures and descriptions more convincing , use of good keywords can help your gig get a lot of attention .

    Don’t be afraid of mutual cancellation , just be careful about the ratings you are getting and when you deliver a gig always ask for a five star review in return of your hard work , i didn’t used to ask my customers for reviews in the first month and out of 30 customers , 15-20 customers didn’t rated my work , i started using this strategy after 34-35 days and after that out of my 40+ customers , there are only 2-3 customers who haven’t posted a positive rating for my work .

    Try and mention your fiverr profile as many times as you can , in the messages or when you deliver the order and even in your social sites , as the page views increase your gigs rating and make your gig featured before your competitors .

    Always try to deliver the work as fast as you can , customer love fast work and buy your gigs again with much more confidence .

    Hope My Tips Helps You 🙂


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