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Does sharing your gigs on social networks is useless?

Guest d3n1el

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Although I do not have much experience on Fiverr, but talking with my friends who are also working on Fiverr - came to the conclusion that the sharing your gig on social networks will not increase your number of sales. Someone will say

bullshit, but I will explain it in short why is that.

  1. Fiverr is generating enough traffic.
  2. Very few of your friends on Facebook/followers on Twitter know what Fiverr is and how it works. What you actually do is free marketing for Fiverr(Nothing wrong with this).

    There are more reasons, but these are the main.

    Don’t get me wrong, sharing your gigs on the social networks will not get your business worse nor even you will generate more money from it.

    You will generate much more orders if you spend more time on SEO. It’s a fact!

    If you have arguments against this, I would like you to post it bellow.

    Also if you have some spare time, check my gigs

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Guest biggz27

@d3n1el thanks for sharing your experience. Mines is different, i believe and know Social Media is powerful, but so many people use it wrong. I also doubted social media in the beginning till my clients started sharing my work in their fb groups and i started creating infographics to use on Pinterest.

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I think you are forgetting the rule of compound interest.

First let me be very clear…sharing or spamming your link. Yup, probably useless. Spamming it to your friends and family…depending on how you spin it can or can not be useless.

USELESS MESSAGE: Check out my fiverr gig guys www.uselessfiverrlink.com

USEFUL PUSH: Hey Guys, If anyone is looking for a business name generator can you please share. Thanks www.fiverrlink.com

By asking the friend, family member or whatever you totally change the message to…trying to peddle your junk to look…I know you don’t need this…know someone who does? Great!

Just my two cents.


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