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Top Rated Seller... YES... That's This Lady Right Here!


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After more than 4 years here on Fiverr and, in an overly saturated niche on the website, I finally became a Fiverr Top Rated Seller. I had been shot down twice before. But, I’ve finally reached the highly coveted status, and it does feel good. Honestly, I had all but given up on it, and was perfectly content on staying Level 2. However, I wake up this morning to find that Fiverr has finally given me the status!

This has just made this chickie’s 4 a.m. bright, The sun doesn’t even have to be shining to be glowing for me! It’s nice to see that Yellow Star next to my profile pic. It was so nice to get the email saying I’ve been promoted. It was like Christmas morning when you go to open presents - or in my case, at work, when your co-worker gets the everybody wants Daryl Dixon blanket for you (and you really, really want it) - where your mouth just drops and your stare in disbelief.

Yes, folks! That was this lady right here!

And, this calls for a celebration. While I am drinking hot cocoa here soon - due to being chilly 20-something degrees, I’ll be thinking of ways to honor my clients for my promotion. After all, without them, I’d be nothing!

Ya’ll are so great!


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