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I've got 3 orders which actually never got started. What should I do?


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Well… So I have got these 3 orders from 2 different buyers. I only noticed them after 3 days of them being placed because you don’t get a notification unless the order has STARTED. But these 3 orders did not have the initial info by the buyer so they never got started and I never got notified.

Now, here’s a TWIST… These orders are from November month of 2014. As I told I had noticed them after 3 days of them being placed. But being a level 2 seller I had obviously came across such orders before and so I knew how they turn out if I NUDGE the buyer… (They would tell that it was a mistake and they don’t want anything but their money back by cancelling order). Though it would be a mutual cancellation at some point it would affect our (seller’s) profile.

So I did not do anything about it and left it as they were.

Now suddenly after these 4 months I getting curious to know if there is anything that can be done about it, may be creating a win-win situation or something…


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