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There's No Substitute for Passion - Don't Be a Salesman


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I’m sitting here in the middle of a pile of projects—34 to be exact—and I wanted to take a break to talk to my fellow sellers about passion.

The reason I’m reaching out right now is because I’ve received a lot of personal messages from folks about how to be a better salesperson, how to get more gigs, and how to make more money. And while I always give them personal tips on how they could succeed, there’s one tip that is universal—passion.

In the beginning, I thought I was lucky when it came to getting sales, maintaining Fiverr business, and making money. But the more I’ve come to interact with clients from all over the world, the more I realize that’s not it all. My clients have told me, time and again, that they’ve had bad experiences with other Fiverr sellers because they just didn’t seem to care about what they were turning in. I’m assuming it’s because they were trying to “earn the dollar” and not "earn the customer."

But I digress…passion.

I do care about each job that I do. I care about the person that needs my help, because they reached out to me—me of all people—to help them with something they love, something they care about, and something with which they are truly passionate.

When you want to succeed here, it’s not about being a salesman. People don’t want dressed up freebies or a shiny car with no wheels. They want someone to care enough to give them something they can share with others and say, "This is mine, and I’m proud of it."

And that’s what you should be doing with every order, and every customer. Each person and each project matters—no matter how big or small it may be.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I turn in far too many projects a few hours late. Why? Not because I’m slacking; far from it. It’s because I work so hard on each individual project, no matter if they spent $5 or $350, that I take my time to do it right. And each time, no matter what, I’ve not had a single client be upset with me for going over time. Nor have I gotten a bad review for it.

Because they matter; I care; and their project is important.

Don’t be a salesperson. Just be passionate with what you do, and for whom you do it. You’ll go much further in the grand scheme of things, both on Fiverr and in life.

Here are a few stats from my last 45 days on Fiverr:

330 orders created

$29 average per order

99 percent rating

0 negative feedback

1 hour response time

3 percent cancelled - 10 total (two were double orders, two were from the same person that couldn’t understand me, and the rest were $5 orders that were “order and vanish” types)

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