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Help me to change my life and my parents


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My story:

In my life i was working since primary school with my dad, since then i still working for him. Twice a week i was going to work with my father for 5-6 hours. Sometimes after school.Sometimes when we had a lot of work he could pay but usually i was working free for him. Then when i made enough money to buy a laptop i did and i liked to much to search and discover many program. As this was getting bigger i found that i was good in computers and i started searching tutorials threw youtube to learn to use a computer and then i found the website designing. I was passionate with it and i was searching for tutorials and practice for many hours. After i was thinking to study web designing but my father can’t send me to the lessons as they are very expensive. I ask for help because this certificate will help me to join a free collage or to get a job and eventually change my life and change my parents life too! I kingly ask you if you can please donate. I can’t give perks as good as the other campaigns but you will gain my love and my respect. Gob bless the donors who gave me money and try to support me.

I want to thank you for just reading this because this show you are interested. Thank you so much and IF you can please donated to help me study.

If you want to donate here is a link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-me-to-change-my-life-and-my-parents/x/9836477

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