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Why I've deleted all my Gigs

Guest perfectgigger

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Guest perfectgigger

Hello everybody,

I’m Liam, I became a level one seller very quickly and orders were steadily increasing every day, my gigs were getting more and more popular and orders were skyrocketing, I’d say I was maybe less than a week from achieving level two selling status. I’ve earned a good amount of money, especially with gig extras.

So you’re thinking what’s the problem right?

Issue 1 - Well it all started about a week ago, I’m not the kind of guy to give somebody a platform because they have a profile badge that makes them a higher rated seller. I had an issue with somebody saying that they judge people based on looks and I disagreed and several people who blatantly were taking sides with a more established seller tried to defend a disgusting and outdated point and I wouldn’t let them get away with it haha it ended with me receiving a message of apology to my inbox but not out in public on this forum. It was seemingly childish.

Issue 2 - since then some weird stuff started happening, I’d receive orders on my one day delivery gigs and they’d order and just not communicate with me, I’d send several messages and they’d say I’ll send it in a few hours, this happened 3 times and all 3 times they let the gig run as late as possible before I just clicked deliver for wasting my time or tried to cancel it. If I tried to cancel they would decline if I tried to deliver they’d say gig wasn’t complete. Then when I’d try to message them to see what’s going on they’d just be flippant and buy more time.

I’m not sure if these two things are related but my gig service was absolutely brilliant and my feedback was absolutely the best with a customer even offering me 10 gigs a day to work with him 5 days a week. So, let’s just clarify the quality of my gigs and service wasn’t even in question.

I started to get frustrated and then came the last straw, the reason I’d delete all my gigs, the nail in the coffin!

I started getting inbox messages from a fake profile from London, using a girl as a picture, claiming to be English. Now, in England we communicate with something I’d like to call warm English, not like you learn from a book so I used this style and quickly realised that this person was not only using a fake profile picture, selling gigs based on them being english but I can guarantee for sure that there was no way in a million years that they were english, I’d say if they are english they must be 4 years old.

They messaged me in bad English, silly questions, asking for $50 worth of gigs for $5 and since all this stuff was happening on my account lately I decided to refuse to work with them and politely blocked them, good choice right? WRONG! They ordered my gig 5 minutes later, I knew that their intentions were to make the gig as difficult as possible, try to blackmail me and eventually leave me a negative review so I took ACTION, I cancelled their gig, they declined, I tried this 7 times, they declined. There was nothing I could do so I offered to do the gig and requested all information after they begged me to do the gig.

A few days passed with no information or communication and then I get a notification - they tried to cancel the order, so this time I declined. I was willing to complete the gig but now they wanted to cancel it? By this time they’d not let me cancel and let the gig run two days late, my orders felt the hit and I wasn’t getting any as fiverrs algorithm probably thought I’d vanished.

In England $5 is £3 which isn’t much but with my gig extras I was making okay money but in all honesty after this and all the trouble, the offensive and rude messages I’ve received from people who think that $5 entitles them to act stupid and patronising just made me think it’s not worth it. The rating system is flawed and open to abuse. In my case, I’m not sure if issue one is related or unrelated but one things for sure, if I don’t like anything one of you guys say or your gig begins to get more popular than mine I’ll just buy your gig, make it late, give you trouble, harass you, patronise you and leave well written, constructive and negative feedback.

My TIP for Fiverr sellers is this… Be very careful as there are some people out there who have problems, devious problems which makes them go out of their way to ruin other peoples reputation because they’re jealous or something silly.

It won’t affect me too much, I left England after uni and travel the world and I’d have to be on vacation mode anyway as I’m going to be living in a hotel right on the beach on an island for the next 3 months so Internet might be a problem.

Enjoy and stay safe!

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"one things for sure, if I don’t like anything one of you guys say or your gig begins to get more popular than mine I’ll just buy your gig, make it late, give you trouble, harass you, patronise you and leave well written, constructive and negative feedback."

Wow, I’m really sorry you’ve had such a negative experience! I have sometimes struggled with non-communicative or non-cooperative buyers, but I think your comment here really concerns me. Fiverr is a community: yes, it’s competitive, but that doesn’t mean you should ever purposefully use Fiverr to tear down another seller’s business. My gigs are the least unique and creative out there but just because other sellers are more popular doesn’t mean that I need to tear them down – like you, plenty of people order from me over top rated sellers every day, and that’s what healthy competition looks like.

I hope you find your vacation relaxing, and I’m sorry again that Fiverr wasn’t the supportive community for you that I get to experience daily.

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Many of the things you described happened to most of us in the beginning. Scammers etc usually target you when your new (trying to get cheaper of free work even).

The matter of buyers delaying with the information will always be there but a solution is to give yourself enough time so that you can wait a few days if needed.

If you’re having success i would recommend you give it another go after you have rested.

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