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“To date, I have so far earned $40,412…”


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Interview with FVCHAMP seo assistant for Fragglesrock

So what exactly are you selling ?

I provide basic seo services like bookmarking, article and video submission. I used to have lots of gigs like selling ebooks, twitter services but its too tiring having many gigs to attend to so i just focused on these 3 gigs which i enjoy doing.

How long have you been on Fiverr? And how long did it take before you make first dollars?

I joined Fiverr in July 2010 and it took me only 24hrs to make my first sale.

The rest of interview and many more can find on Fragglesrock

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I earn some rightnow, enough to buy things I want like tablet or smartphone every month, think I can earn some serious amount after get to level two (very soon).

Maybe I will try to see if customer willing to pay more or wait longer, too many order coming everyday, I may serious drop the quality or disable my gig, they don’t have an auto stop function when a massive amount of queue stack up 😦

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