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Read the description before you order!


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I have to write this with a very sad experience I had few hours ago. First of all if you can go to my gig and read the title and description you can get a better idea what I’m about to say.

When I logged in to Fiverr today I saw an order. The client didn’t contact me before purchasing but he had order 2 gigs asking for draw his image in vector. As I have mentioned in my Gig description I deliver only JPG image of the vector file for basic Gig(Which is $5). I have clearly mentioned that at the end of the description so it is noticeable easily.

However this client ordered the gig and when I finally sent him the 2 JPG images he was demanding for the original files. It was very threatening. Since I’m new to Fiverr and still on Level 1, I didn’t want any negative feedback. I always try my best to keep the satisfaction of the client. So at the end I had to sent him the original files free. JUST BECAUSE HE DID’NT READ THE DESCRIPTION. But after delivering all that I got a negative feedback and dropped my positive feedback percentage to 99%.

[ EDITED: After contacting him he finally changed his rating; “Thanks” ]

He also ordered another gig and asked me to cancel it. Not My cancellation rate has gone up for 2% just because he ordered and cancel.

He says he’s new to fiverr But I’m sure he was cunning all the time.

Just writing this out of disappointment. Fiverr is a nice place to interact and communicate with so many people around the world. So many ‘NICE’ people. Not to mention I have met so many nice people along this path.


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