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I have a weird feeling!


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I’m new to fiverr and staying active for 24 x 7 at max. ( Joined like 3 days ago )

But I’m not getting any new orders. I tired the buyers request too, some contacted but later on they hired someone else.

So if they keep on contacting the well established sellers, how can i even get one order ?

Most buyers would contact experienced sellers even i would do the same.

I can do something that will make their work really standout but what can i do if no one is willing to try a new seller.

And to get popular you need ratings and reviews, without buyers i cant get ratings also.

So its affecting my gig promotion too.

Any advice would be helpful.

And the weird cow also irritates me 😦

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Yes you need to remove it if you want to show your work examples you can use some special images in your gigs to show you work…


Osman shahbaz

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I just wanted to add that 3 days is very short time. So don’t worry too much about it. It takes time to pick up the pace.

When I first joined it took me about 3 days until my gig showed up in the search results.

Optimize your gig page and the buyer should find you eventually.

Good luck!

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Focus on one gig at first.

Do what ever you can to get the first sale with 5 stars. Get a family or friend to purchase your gig.

Focus on your competition on Fiverr. Find gigs that are working and offer more for the same price. Offer it faster. Consider 24 hour delivery. You can change all of this after you have primed your account. Priming your account? Focus on delivering 100 gigs to give your account traction. Look at the first 100 gigs as an investment in time to build your new business. If your really aggressive in your offer, you can do this quickly. If you are less aggressive, it will take longer.

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Reply to @landongrace: Thanks for the valuable info.

I think i have to wait a bit longer and focus on my gigs.

As i have heard from the forum it takes 1-2 months for the 1st order.

I think i should stay focused and find a customer for me.

I have one more doubt :

I see some guys commenting their gig links at the end of conversation like this–

sincerely ,

gig’s link

is it ok ? or it is spamming or is it good to attract customers.

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