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Customer Service from a Seller? Important to you?


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Hi There,

I am new to Fiverr, but spend a large amount of my marketing budget on various freelancing sites around the globe. Like most business owners or buyers, we all like to save $$'s and if an individual can produce the same quality item as a company, logic says keep the cost down - go with an individual.

In today’s market of people working from home or working remotely, does this allow for a new generation of business owners/individuals where basic good old fashioned customer service skills are no longer required? Is it too easy to treat a buyer/customer like a commodity which can be switched on or off like a light bulb?

My recent experiences are making me question whether sellers or freelancers in general view customers in the same light which guide companies who have a physical or local presence (Or were a buyer meets the seller of a product or service in person, rather than only communicate through electronic means). By this, i mean treat the customer with courtesy, give proactive solutions, fix in-house problems at no cost to customer. Just the generally expected stereotypical service levels deemed except-able to most people.

For me personally, if I was a seller/freelancer I would say customer service skills are even more vital given the long distance and large ‘trust’ factor given buy a customer.

As buyers, how would you rate the customer service levels given by sellers/freelancers compared with businesses or individuals were you are able to see them in person?



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Guest integritymedia

PremiumLife : "By this, i mean treat the customer with courtesy, give proactive solutions, fix in-house problems at no cost to customer."

Courtesy - As a seller I’ve been very fortunate, my customers have made it easy. They’ve all been lovely to deal with. Every one of them. I had one small issue with a buyer that needed a slight bit of technical support. I helped him, and he was satisfied. I’m thankful to all of my customers, and genuinely want them to have a positive experience.

Give proactive solutions - It depends. Normally on Fiverr they see what they want and buy it. The end. Some gigs lend themselves more to offering extra solutions. For example, I bought two websites. Yet, I’m not an experienced webmaster. So, I see a gig on here offering a service to set up a website with the host. He does that, but mentions other things that need work, for example my Paypal checkouts and my contact pages. Of course, these require more gigs. I’ve already bought 7 gigs from this same seller so far. I’m absolutely thrilled with his service. He’s awesome. We both win.

Fix in-house problems at no cost to customer - I don’t understand what you’re saying here. I don’t expect to get anything free.

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Providing the very best customer service is everything to my success as a seller here, as a freelance designer and as a bartender. I’m always at work honing the customer experience, because I spend most of my waking hours in connection with clients or people I’m providing a service to. This is most crucial to repeat business, obtaining referrals and creating regular’s out of your clientele. I like to make the experience humorous, helpful and sort of magical. I tailor this to the client’s personality because we all respond differently in the “marketplace of buying goods and services” arena.




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