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Undisclosed Requirements By Sellers


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I don’t know about everyone else, but I decided to use Fiverr as a time saver. I already have the expertise to do what I want done for me.

On my first gig I asked for a cancellation due to several “requirements” by seller not disclosed beforehand.

I just placed order for second gig but it will probably be cancelled by seller due a “requirement”.

Seller’s note: “Order will be cancelled if the required images are missing.” In other words, I am supposedly required to surf the net, choose some images of (in this case, logos) and provide them to the seller. If I had that kind of time, I would do my own work.

Dear Fiverr … Please consider a requirement for sellers to post all “requirements” on their gig offer.

Buyers Beware … you may run into this also.

Gotta run …

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I think it’s in the best interests of the seller to make all their requirements clear, both in the description of the gig and in the ‘information required’ panel to, as a lot of us have gigs that we can’t complete without files, writing etc. from the buyer.

As a seller though, I do occasionally get people who order my editing gigs and then don’t send me anything to edit… Often this is because they want something which isn’t actually listed as part of the gig service. It’s annoying as I’m happy, if a buyer contacts me first, to do custom gigs/orders but it wastes time on the order clock if I have to send messages back and forth to try and work out what the buyer is expecting before I can actually get started. This wouldn’t be the case if people just read the gig instructions.

Sorry you’ve had a bad experience but if you’re not sure about gig requirements in future, it’s probably best to contact the seller beforehand.

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Got to agree with this. I’ve bought some story chapters from sellers who list something like “Not got a concept in mind, just tell me the genre and nothing else” and then when I buy it, the requirements state I must give them every last detail before they can start work and they can’t do anything without character names etc.

If a seller needs something from the buyer to do the gig, it should be specified in the gig.

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