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Can anyone share if someone has been scammed by a buyer


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I would like to know in this kind of cases, what are the appropriate measures one can take. Also if a fiverrer offers a gig to write something, another person gets the completed file and then cancels the order saying it wasn’t up to the mark. We issue full refund and the next thing you know you see the same content posted on their website.

What are the measures to stop these kind of buyers in the first place and/or once we do catch them using our provided content after they have been issued refund, what can we do about it.

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Something similar happened to me. The guy done a PayPal chargeback, but kept my content.

Once it’s been refunded Fiverr can’t do much about getting your money back. It’s not like they can re-charge the person’s credit card without permission.

What they’re doing is wrong though, and is stealing. If you report what they’re doing to Fiverr, they’ll ban them. You can also message the buyer saying you’ve seen they have stolen your content and will report them to their ISP for theft. That occasionally works.

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