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What Marketing or Advertising Gigs worked for you?


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If you have any experience with buying gigs in either of these categories, please give your opinion.

I came to Fiverr, after being told that I could get great exposure through online marketing or advertising gigs. I extensively reviewed gigs and only chose sellers that had strictly positive reviews. At first, I decided to purchase $50 in gigs, then see how it went, then decided to just choose one and see if there were any results. So, I ordered one of the online marketing gigs for my website to be tweeted to 1,000’s of followers (over 30,000).

After reading all of the positive reviews, it was very shocking to discover that there was absolutely no benefit from ordering the gig. Has anyone had success ordering Twitter gigs like this? What other gigs have worked for promoting sites, products, services, ect.?

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I sell a Twitter gig and I encourage to use twitter marketing to advertise for your products but:

ask the seller before buying to give you the niche of his followers. an account that promote entertainment tweets can’t be used to promote business things.

your message is also important, a catchy tweet can always be helpful. Try to read more about your niche needs and test different tweets with your own account and see which one is working for you, than you can buy the gig to promote the products.

There is a lot of tips about twitter marketing Technics but I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the links here.

If you are interested, I’m may share the

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Guest itsyourthing

armer is 100% correct. The gigs can work, but it’s down to you to do the homework to see whose gig is best for what you’re promoting. Getting tweeted to a million people who have no interest in what you’re selling is worse than useless - you wont get sales and can end up looking like a spammer.

Pay attention to the details of what the seller is offering. Pay less attention to what the feedback says and if you have questions, contact the seller BEFORE purchasing the gig.

Good luck!

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