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Everything you need to know about setting up a Gig


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Here are the steps to take and things to consider when setting up a new Gig.

Gig Title:

That’s your sales pitch, it needs to stand out. Think of it as a 2-second ad when buyers’ eyes glimpse through it in search results. Clearly state what you will do for $5. Even if you are providing a common service, try to add value for a buyer so that your Gig grabs attention. Once you write it, take a second and put yourself in the buyers’ shoes - would you stop and click on your gig title if you saw it in the search?

Gig Description:

Clearly explain what you will do for $5. This is where you let your buyers know exactly what they can expect from your service. If you offer different services at different prices, use this space to outline your price list. If you have some special requirements, be upfront about it in the description so that when they get the buyer instructions there are no surprises.

Don’t forget this is where you sell your service also, so make sure to highlight the reasons why buyers should choose you over the competition.

Gig Tags:

This is critical for buyers searching to find your Gig. Think of it like this, if you were a buyer and wanted to get the service you offer, what search terms would you use? A Gig must have a minimum of 3 tags, each with a minimum of 2 characters and no other characters as part of/between the tags. With a bit of keyword research you can make sure your tags generate the quality traffic to your Gigs.

Gig Delivery:

Consider how long it will take you to deliver your Gig. Now think about having a queue of 10 waiting for delivery, will you be able to deliver all those orders on time at the delivery rate you specified? Your delivery must be sustainable for you to succeed. At the same time if your delivery is too long then chances are you’ll get few to no orders. You need to find the happy medium. This is something you can change when needed.

Category & Subcategory:

It’s important to choose the right category and subcategory for your Gig. This will ensure that you appear in relevant searches for your services on the site. You may want to check out all the categories and subcategories before you assign yours to make sure your Gig is placed in the right ones.

Photo & Video:

So important! These are visual sales tools to help you sell your service to buyers. If you have a high quality photo and video that helps explain your service to buyers while standing out and making them want to click on your Gig and order it.

Gig photos are 600 x 370 and you can upload up to 3 of them in your display. If your pics are bigger than that, don’t worry it’ll be resized upon upload.

To add a video just go to the top menu: Seller>My Gigs, click the “Add Video” link and carefully read what it should include. Videos personalize your appeal, establish credibility, helps buyers relate to you, and you get to tell buyers why they should order your Gig. You don’t need to be some big shot video producer, spokesperson, or a movie star; you only need to be real, to the point, and nice! A smile wouldn’t hurt either 🙂


If you sell a product that can be shipped, make sure to consider the costs for both local and international shipping.

For examples, take a look at successful sellers with high rankings or check the featured Gigs. Not to copy them but to learn from their style and what makes their Gig appeal to buyers.

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I think hat the trick to photos is to have the initial 3 photos and then to encourage buyers to let other people see images of their product in the public portfolio. This allows you to have more than just 3 images, if done right you could have an unlimited amount of images for possible buyers to see.

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Guest tn5rr2012

Reply to mabelma: I love that we have this option because then others can see old photos and other genealogical documents which might make them start thinking they want their family tree started

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Hi, question from a newbie here! :"> So one of my gigs is physically shipping handmade greeting cards to people. I’ve sold a couple already, but I’m not sure when, exactly, I should click “deliver”? If I do it the day I mail it, I worry that the 3 days might not be long enough for my seller to receive it, look it over, and accept it, especially this time of year when the mail is extra busy, or like this week, with a holiday in there. I don’t want to wait too long though, because I don’t want the buyer to have to wait on me to click deliver so they can accept. What sort of timing do you all use? Thanks!!!

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