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Networking is Important

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Guest resourcegigever



One of the biggest assets you will find when you are

in a home based business is networking with other

business owners. Not only are they a great source of

encouragement, but they can also lead to more



When people are selling products, such as jewelry or

candles, a lot of times what they will do is to have

an online party. Everyone goes into a chat room, and

it’s just like a regular party, except it’s online.


Something that people will do is that they will trade

parties in the network. Let’s say that you sell

jewelry, and someone else in the network sells

candles. The two of you talk, and you agree to do a

candle party for her if she does a jewelry party for

you. This way the both of you benefit from the

experience, and hopefully the two of you make some



Just like with a regular party that is held in

someone’s house, it’s important to give your hostess a

thank you gift for holding the party for you This way,

even if she doesn’t buy anything, she still gets to

see what it is that you have to offer and will keep

you in mind for the next time that she wants to buy a

product like the one that you are selling.


Networking is an essential part of having a home

business, and can be very profitable if you take time

to get to know those in your network.


Thank you.





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