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Selling Your Services / Gigs on Fiverr


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Hey Guys.

I have seen a ton of comments from sellers with gigs that are not returning anything on their investment: the investment of their time and (possible) research on what their gigs are about. They say they are failures, doomed to fail, are miserable and depressed. Hmmm, well boo hoo and stop feeling sorry for yourselves.

It is good to have a few responders on the forums trying to throw a few words of advice to the depressee. However, not all advice is right and correct. Some are tongue in the cheek remarks they think will help. Others are plain silly although the writers don’t think so. Generally, I would only take advise from someone that is qualified to give it.

When posting a gig it is essential to STOP and THINK before you start. Ask yourself: what types of people are you trying to attract? General run of the mill people or real business people. Either way, you must write in a businesslike way. Do not write in slang terminology, do not use: i, u, r on their own as words. Anyone that does that with me is immediately thrown out as not being serious enough and are incapable of forming words to form a decent sentence.

Stop and think about the type of service you are offering. As one previous commenter wrote… check out your keywords. Not any old keywords you think may be relevant. Choose keywords that ARE DEFINITELY relevant to your services. Use only two or three per gig and use them sparingly and in the right places.

Then when you have written what you think is your best copy for your gig, go back to the beginning then STOP and ask yourself… if anyone was to choose my gig… what do you think they would actually be looking for? And THIS is the core of your gig. Always try and give the other person what they want. Offer them what they want in a businesslike and non-hype type of way will always attract more responses.

Try that for another couple of weeks and if no luck, it is definitely the words in your Gig. It cannot be anything else, or you are in the wrong category. Keep tweaking the words until you get responses. Go to other similar gigs and see what words they are using. It will all come together in the end. It is just a matter of trying to figure out what people want.

I hope this has helped one or two people to look at things from a different perspective.


Copywriter & Marketer

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Guest fixmyprocess

Hi Hollybook,

Great feedback. Look at the gig from the eyes of the customer. Is it attractive, are you using professional (language / grammar), are you clear on your offerings and requirements you need from the buyer? Do you have any added value that makes you stand out? Everyone starts at square one & I tried many different types of gigs to see what worked & what didn’t. You modify your gig as you go along based on experience.

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Very good advice. Also, it takes time. I just hit the one year mark, and I did not start making money until one month ago. Of course, I didn’t really take it seriously until a month ago, because I did not take Fiverr seriously. Then, I read some of their success stories, and I looked at my bank account, and I said, someone is making money here, and I am going to figure out how! So, I took a long, hard look at what other people were offering and made a check list of what I could do. Then I made 3 new gigs, and within a few days, I made level 2. Folks, the buyers are out there, millions of them, like sharks in the water. You just have to find the right bait. Good luck!

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