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The Movie Fiver helped me build


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The Movie Fiver is helping me build
Hello everyone my name is scott and I'm currently working to create a movie .

I have not really made movies before but feel I have gathered up enough odd skills to try and make one.

So with little skills in production , direction or even in story telling l decided to try to create a movie.

This thread will get updates on occasion to show off the wonderful assistance I am getting here on fiver.

When I come to fiver it was out of mild curiosity after a friend of mine suggested it in a youtube club I attend.

(my channels not exactly bursting with content and its a mixed grill of tutorials and tech tests.

Now onto the good stuff :


The movie -- I came up with a title for my venture and sought a writer for its completion.

So now the title has since changed and is called bring in the clowns.

The writer at this stage is still in process of making the outline into a script.

(Given the fact I paid some cash for the outline you will forgive me if I don't post it here entirely until after completion of the movie)

I have also commissioned an artist already to do me a makeup mockup image, his work if acceptable will be posted here.

My fellow game modding buddy has quite generously told me he will donate to me some music for my movie.

(and its likely he will also do me some sound effects work but that maybe another area where ill hire a fiver)


Cast . three people two male one female.

Crew : Myself , hopefully I can edit this later to add more people as I fill roles.

Completion date :Mid to late april maybe even august depending on other factors.

Type of movie : Thriller.



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Great news, good luck with the movie. Being an aspiring director, i know how happy you must be feeling right now. Contact me if you would need someone to do the movie poster or so. Also feel free to contact me for any kind of support, i always like to be the part of a movie crew anytime. I always visit my friends’ shooting spots often and i think, i’ll be able to help with some stuff. 🙂

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Interesting news update I received some concept art today ,

It definitely is a evil clown that I requested , and more of a mockup (also requested)

Just well I’m picky happy enough to say he met the brief but will probably need slightly different art style to this.

Sort of creepy , so maybe ill use it someplace in the background.

Feel free to discuss ideas or recommend concept artists.


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Hi scottmcfadden

Best wishes for your project. With so many talented people on Fiverr it will be easy for you to find great assistance and you will enjoy the whole process.

By the way I have a gig with unique audio loops I have made that I believe will be useful for your thriller. I invite you to check it out in my profile.

all the best!


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Reply to @bigbadbilly:

Always nice to see some other work being made, this film is clearly looking good.

Don’t be raising the expectations though my venture is unlikely to match this quality its more of a fun “lets do something” project for me.

I really like the music overlay at the start and enjoyed your editing of the trailer.

Your DOP has done amazing work , though I wonder how long this movie has taken your team to create.

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Reply to @scottmcfadden: Thank you. The film’s taken a while to create. LOL. We’re still in the post production stage. All the footage in the trailer is RAW off the camera. I can’t wait to see what it looks like colored and finished. As for the music. All the music in the video is from bands contributing to the movie sound track. The sound track alone will be pretty cool. As for your project. There’s no such thing as a " Fun, Let’s do something " kind. You do it and you put it out there. And sometimes… you really enjoy it and do another one… and so on… lol

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