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Need More Gigs? Google is screwing us all but you can help with 2 minutes of your time!

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I am an Android developer and I give work to people on Fiver, as do thousands of other developers. We pay you $5 for logos, templates, drawings, promotion and more. When a developer gets his or her account terminated by Google´s unfair policies, it effects you all on Fiverr. You may think, why have I got less gigs recently? It maybe because thousands of developers have had their Android developer accounts terminated due to Google´s unfair, corrupt and careless policies. Please read this and if you want to make more money, vote, it will turn things around for you…

Imagine losing your job that you need to provide for your family, without valid reason, by an automated email and no chance to talk or appeal to a human being! Imagine building up a business, over years, that pays for all your bills and gives work to others and is taken away in a second, again with an automated email from a greedy corporation that will not let you argue or talk to a human about the reason. Thousands of people have fallen victim to the Google system that terminates app developer accounts without a reason. Google Play uses robots to monitor apps and randomly suspend apps or terminate developer accounts for the wrong reasons. The app developers are the people that have helped turn Google Play into the massive marketplace it is today, where you can download all of your apps for your phones and tabs. Now that it is worth billions to Google, they are basically sacking the people who built it for them, without reason and in the most disgusting way possible.

Some developers have families to support and Android development is all that they can understand. When you lose your developer account, you will find it almost impossible to distribute your apps elsewhere because of the third party app install warning on all Android devices, warning you that the app is not from Google Play and you need to make changes to your device to install the app. When you can no longer support your family because Google has taken away your rights to earn money, it is very depressing and worrying and it happens every day to hundreds of people, not just in Google Play but also in every part of the Google Inc network.

It is because of Googles greed that they will not employ a team of people to check apps before they go live, so none of the apps on Google Play are actually human tested. This puts the question to why, when you try to install an Android app from a different market, you get the warning that the app is not verified because it is not being installed from Google Play, when it has not been checked by a human in the first place. Robots do not check the apps before they go live either, robots will randomly check apps or apps that have been reported by end users. This is not a safe system, it is system to benefit Google by protecting its billion dollar Android market! Android is also open source public code, anyone is allowed to use it and distribute it, however, Google have monopolized the use of it so it is restricted to Google Play only. Monopolizing a public source should not be allowed and is most probably illegal. Why let Google, whose CEOs earn millions daily, get away with this?

I am asking for people to please take 2 minutes of your time and sign a petition at change.org here https://www.change.org/p/sergey-brin-respect-the-efforts-of-small-and-indie-android-developers This is for all of us, imagine if your developer account got terminated? Together we can change the way Google operate and make it a more fair system for us all.

Thank you for reading and for your vote.


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Ok so it looks like not many voted. Please do not inbox me begging for me to take your gig because you havent got any. Simple thing, screw Google because they have screwed the people who pay for your gigs. Lets try a different poll, only need 99 votes for this one…



Sign the Petition

Google, Inc: Change the way Google Play operates to create a fair market for everyone, including app developers, third party markets and end users.

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