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Tosh.O brought me here. What brought you here?


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Let’s be honest Tosh.O brought me here because $5 is a steal to do absolutely anything. I watched the show about a year ago and couldn’t think of much to really offer here other than teaching people how to get out of a speeding ticket (currently 0-2) then figured out that wasn’t my true gift. So I was laying in bed and this girl happened to text me sobbing (she added a ;,( face), so I sent her a really nice text back letting her know how special she was. Then about 30 minutes later I kid you not she showed up to my door ready to pounce on me like a Lion hunting down a Gazelle in Africa. Fortunately for her I turned her down and found out my gig specialty on Fiverr. To write love letters to a girl of your choice. Since I am new I have about as much credibility as Michael Jackson did at his trial. I hope to build a solid base not for the money, but for the love. Hopefully I can get going and make the ladies happy again.

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