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How to handle such situation?


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Hello everyone,

One buyer ordered my signature gig, when i deliver more than 10 option to choose from he posted a negative review !!

When i asked him about his review then he said i wanted a HANDMADE logo. But that is not what i offer on Fiverr. I use font and everyone do. It is written nowhere in my gig description that i use my own hand signature.

I also offered refund but he didn’t accepted. Look like he just ordered the gig to put a negative review 😦

Asked Fiverr Customer Support but refused my request said that buyer’s feedback is based on his experience and we can’t remove it forcefully.

I just asked few question to Support guys-

1- Is this my mistake he ordered wrong gig.

2- Have i written anywhere that i offer HANDMADE signature logo?

3- Why don’t you cancel the order?

When buyer ask them to cancel order, they cancel it without even asking to seller, but when a seller want to cancel, they don’t do it at all.

It’s very depressing Fiverr only care about his buyer, NOT SELLERS.

It take a lot of time and Hard Work to Maintain 100% positive rating. I have 400+ happy customers with 100% positive rating.

I hope you guys at least help me out and will show me some bright light.

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Guest strokelogocomp

I faced this same situation twice time. I got order from some one and buyer doesn’t contact me first before placing an order and after delivered work he just posted negative review. I contact buyer to get refund or bonus or revision but he refused to my request. I told buyer that i am not familiar with the topic you requested me to do but he don’t agreed on my request.

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Just cancel orders from difficult people. It is not worth the time to argue or risk a bad review. If you click on resolution at the top of the order, then on cancel, provide a reason and cancel it. They can not leave a negative review if you cancel. If they deny the canceling, cancel again and ask them to cancel again. The system will not let them post a review if you cancel it. Some buyers are hard. I just had one get a free article out of me, but there are a million good buyers out there that are very nice to work with! So don’t waste time on the buyers that give your problems. Just some friendly advice. 🙂

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