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Customers overpowers new sellers but co-operates with sellers having good reviews


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When i was a new seller here on fiverr.com , people messaged me about my gigs and when i replied them about it , mentioning the money and time , they used to ask for more work for less money , I already was providing them more than level 2 and TRS but still they wanted much more work for less amount of money , i first rejected such customers but when i got no orders at all for first 3-4 days , i started doing the work worth 15-20$ for just 5$ ,

I did 2-3 jobs like that and when i got 2-3 five star reviews on my gigs i started getting real customers , who paid me handsomely for my work and now when i’m level 1 seller having more than 60 sales in 46 days with 99% positive review , i get customers willing to pay me more for my hard work .

So if you are a new seller here and you get messages or orders asking you to do more work than you are providing for 5$ , don’t say no , do it for 2 or 3 times and eventually you will start getting customers paying for your work what it is worth of , as for customers to order your gig they first need to be confident and that first 2-3 reviews provides them the confidence to purchase your gigs and this first 2-3 customers are mainly the re-sellers having good reputation on fiverr or other freelancing sites who searches for new sellers and get there work done for small amount and sale it to there customers for more amount , but to take a start up doing such orders will not hurt you but help you in your future .

Was making a gig today for TIP when i taught i should share my experience of 45 days with new sellers to help them get started up , as i always see topic on forum full with new sellers asking for help to get sales . And yes promoting your gigs is also very important , i made an instagram ID fully dedicated to my fiverr gigs and i have generated 3 sales from my instagram already , so start promoting your gigs everywhere possible and when you get a message or order and you know you can do the work , JUST DO IT don’t think about the money just think about the start up and a good review and you will start getting sales .

I would not even have imagined to reach to a point where i’m today when i started and was struggling , but when you overcome it , this struggle helps you to know the value of good customers makes you work harder and give bonuses to your trusty customers , this period on fiverr teaches you how valuable a good customer is and i think to make progress this agenda is the most important one.

Best of luck to all the new sellers , hope my experience helps you 🙂


www.fiverr.com/sunshy1 !

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