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Keeping Your Gigs Fresh!


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Good Morning:

Some of us let the days when we get no or few orders get us down. Recently they’ve been slower than usual - as in the last week. So this is the time we can all work as sellers to hustle and make more orders.

How did I use my down time?

->I created a new gig that I have been meaning to create. https://www.fiverr.com/atlbusiness/provide-a-unique-high-converting-cold-call-script

->This naturally involved creating a video and writing the copy.

->Then I set to work on some of my other gigs updating and improving the copy to try and increase sales. While the first gigs did not increase the number of sales so far, I have noticed I am selling more gig extras. (Great goal was more $$$ anyway they would come)

While yesterday I finally achieved level 2, after 26 days of being level 1 (a good pace I know) I decided it was time to fix up some of the copy on my gigs.

The best advice I can give you is work. When your sales are slow, its time to create that new gig you didn’t get around to creating. It is time to review your copy. Proof read it again, and see that it makes sense. Improve improve improve!

What do you do when you max out your gigs? (I have not done this yet btw) Look at your weakest performing gig. It was a great idea wasn’t it? But unfortunately only two people in the last month bought it. Time to take it down and create something different.

All of this is great because I have noticed my conversion rate is starting to budge. (Rome wasn’t built in a day!)

Anyway if anyone else has tips for improving their business by working in their downtime then please do share them.


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