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Beware of sellers asking for your website address


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As a development and marketing company I sometimes outsource certain tasks to Fiverr. Many of these sellers will ask you for your web address for things like PPC ads or Banners etc.

My suggestion is to not use these sellers.

Let me explain why.

We did a test on Fiverr and created a website that had the phone number and an email form on the home page and then ordered 5 Gigs from one of our Fiverr accounts. The gigs asked for the web address to our site which we gave them for the purpose of this test.

Literally 2-3 days later this never used phone number on our fake site started getting calls and emails from 2 different companies.

We recently purchased a gig from one of these sellers that did PPC advertisement headlines that asked for our address and we declined to give it to them. When they delivered a bad product they responded saying they needed our website address to do the job right, we told them they didn’t need it to write PPC ads and they immediately requested a mutual cancellation.

Our advice to you is if you do marketing or development for a living, do not give out your customers websites to anyone on Fiverr or you will have them calling and emailing YOUR customers trying to steal them.

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Hmmm, that sounds very odd. If someone asks me to ghostwrite for a blog I ask if I can visit their site to get an idea of their preferences. I’ve never had anyone refuse it and most know that since their websites are public it is often easy to find them. If anyone wants to find a website with contact information it’s simple to find thousands of sites without using Fiverr just to obtain a single URL. I’m not saying your wrong, it just sounds like a strange way to go about it.

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