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Terrorists don't get orders on fiverr?


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Well, Ive had seen quite a few success stories on this forum, which is great.

However for me, who is on fiverr for about 3 months now, to help me with my studies and living expenses,

Have not had much success. Barely now Ive reached the level one stage. even though i get full ratings and good reviews from buyers.

Is this because my profile has the Pakistan flag, and people all over the world, have been made to believe that its a terrorist country? so people have a lack of trust or something…


looking for answers



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I really dont think somebody can judge the seller by his flag. You can make some research and can find a lot of top rated sellers and lvl2 sellers from Pakistan who got thousands of sales.

Is all obout your services quality.

All the Best,


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Hello sir,

The amount of orders you get depends on a lot of factors like the visibility of your gig in a category, search results etc.

And no, any sane person would never call someone a terrorist or term a country something like that.

I’m from India and I have had buyers from all around the world and all of them have been really wonderful people.

Even I had to wait for months before getting a steady flow of orders when I first started on Fiverr.

Now also the competition has increased here which could also be a reason for fewer orders

Don’t be sad. It takes time to build a customer base.

I wish you good luck.

Peace and love to you.

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@genuinefunkaar - Your flag has nothing to do with anything. Don’t worry about that.

You probably expect what a lot of people expect. That you’ll post a gig on Fiverr and the buyers will come. That may happen sometimes but for the most part it doesn’t.

You want to sell gigs? There’s no magic way to do it. Posting a gig on Fiverr does not mean you’ll sell gigs.

You need to take control and do things yourself.

Promote your gig. You need to do it yourself because if you don’t do it nobody else will.

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I didn’t expect straight away, its been 3 4 months. But I definitely agree with what you say. I say regarding the flag for a reason. Im a pakistani british citizen, and a recent visit to uk made it obvious to me that unfortunately the Pakistanis are not welcome, people are rude just because of the image media portrays of our country.

I was just hoping that factor is not available on fiverr.

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Well the best thing about fiverr customers is this that they don’t care from where you are , they only care about the quality of services you offer them , and most of them are lovely peoples with whom you will love to work with .

And as you start getting recognised you will get more orders don’t worry 🙂

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@sunshy1 - That’s so right. It’s just hard to get started.

@genuinefunkarr - That sucks. But it’s normal. Normal in the sense that there are always people who will use any excuse to be a-holes. I’m sure there are people in the UK who don’t care where you’re from. And some that do… as there are everywhere. A-Holes and racists come in all colors and live in all places.

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Your flag has something to do with it yes.

Lies and more lies that people will suggest otherwise.

People are naturally inclined to be stupid and profile people based on assumption.

Before everyone starts jumping up and down screaming at me “racist” or bigot know this :

I have seen this first hand (sadly my areas full of these kinds of brainless twitterers)

Can also state in general I’m disappointed in my own countrymen in my state.

Some of those people are super nice sadly also super gullible for blame/focus shift governments.

Now the good news , these same people are lazy or sometimes see through fragglesrock produced on a daily basis by governments and or corporate means.

This while a reduced market should still be enough to keep you busy with plenty of work.

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Really? I don’t have that impression about Pakistan in the least, but I know there are lots of sellers from Pakistan on Fiverrr. Maybe your luck just hasn’t kicked in yet. Be paitient. If you do great work, it’s just a matter of time before you get the chance to be featured on the front page. And when you do get the chance, make sure you squeeze every possible juice out of it. Just keep working hard and delivering great work.

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