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HELP! Customor hasn't responded in 2 days. Order is late


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If the Buyer doesn’t respond and it ‘auto-cancellations’ it will be treated as a mutual cancellation. This will not hurt your ratio or Levels. However, don’t even wait for prompt cancellation after the order is late - allowing an order to go late does effect you. Say the Buyer deny cancellation close to the 2-day mark, then the order is “really late” and will still affect you.

It’s best to prompt cancellation at least 24 to 48-hours before an order is due if a Buyer is not responding. Be clear in why you’re prompting cancellation, because this sends a notification message to the Buyers’ email and they’ll open up the order and see your statement. This will major heads up to insure the Buyer responds and provides whatever information you need and allow you to complete the order without the order actually being cancelled.

Hope this helps and good luck! 🙂

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