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Is This Allowed?


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I was searching for a signature logo, when I found the gig below


I immediately clicked on that gig icon as it was from a Top Rated Seller.

Upon closer review of the gig, the signatures logos in this gig were not that impressive, which I thought was odd since it was created by a Top Rated Seller.

It was then that I realized that this gig was originally a “fan sign holding” gig, which has been changed to a signature logo gig later on, if you review the portfolio images you can see images of the “fan sign holding” gig.

My question is, is this common practice at fiverr and why is it allowed?

I mean the only reason I clicked on this gig was because it was from a Top Rated Seller and it had over 100 reviews, upon closer inspection most of the reviews seem to be for some other gig that is not related to signature logos.

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This is not a common practice at Fiverr, but I’m not sure whether it’s allowed. After creating a gig, the url will be permanent according to the original title. The seller did that to take advantage of the amount of ratings and reviews received by the original gig, so after she changed her mind and altered the title to sell signature logo designs, the gig might probably rank higher.

To ensure you get a high quality service, examining the portfolio of the seller’s past work is the key. Just a blunt self-promo here ;😉 : Feel free to check out my gig and my portfolio link as I also design similar logos (which are lettering logos rather than signatures).

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