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Improved GIG description is crucial to potentially increase sales!

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Guest perfectgigger

Big shout out to all Fiverr sellers!

I just wanted to give a little advice as I seem to be doing a lot around here lately. I’ve introduced myself before but for those who missed it I was a buyer on fiverr for a very long time and after learning what service I preferred and what really really made me a happy buyer, I decided to join fiverr as a seller to use all my experiences to offer great services!

My advice today is simple - imagine, you are in a shop, you’re about to buy something you really like when a salesperson approaches you and in an unprofessional and lazy manner just doesn’t help you at all. You were certain you were going to make that purchase but that salesman had a negative influence on you which made you walk away without buying that product, why is this important? Read on…

It’s important because — people buy people — this saying is very true. I have professional experience and proof this works but I’m not about to divulge all of my personal life on fiverr. (Just yet)

So, what should you take from this advice? Don’t try to hard to sell your GIG. Not only is your gig important but so are you as a person, make it personal, I try to get to know my buyers first name and I always send a follow up message just to ensure that given time to think they are still very happy with the level of service they received.

I will be available all day to help buyers improve their GIG description to get themselves across in a more personal manner.

Good day everyone!


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