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How to get more orders on my gig? [ARCHIVED]

Guest ak_designer007

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Guest ak_designer007

I need help. Please someone tell me how to increase orders on the gig. I am in the recommend category but I am not receiving orders now.

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There is no possible way to fully predict sales. They come and go depending upon the needs of your target market. It’s also worth noting that the graphics design category is EXTREMELY over-saturated right now, with countless sellers trying to compete with each other.

At the moment, you offer multiple copies of of the same graphics design service (something that is against the rules of Fiverr, I might add). Perhaps if you combined all those copies of graphics/logo gigs into ONE gig, then you would have a single effective gig to promote elsewhere on the internet. This would result in more traffic to one place, and more people seeing what you have to offer.

Beyond that, try expanding into other gig categories with OTHER services that are not logo related. Your profiles says that you do web developing, business cards, and a variety of other things – perhaps you could make gigs for those skills as well.

Sales come and go, but to be successful, you need to understand your target market, understand the market category you are competing in, and promote your gigs where your target market is located.

It’s also worth noting that you just joined Fiverr this month. Please be patient. Us sellers do not become millionaires overnight. 🙂

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Guest norrsken_marc

One way to find the ‘help’ you need is to start by reading posts here like "New to Fiverr? Read this BEFORE you ask “How to get Buyers?”. Once you are up to speed with how your fellow Fiverr users are doing things, then you can go back to your own Gigs and follow what @jonbaas wrote.

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Reply to @ak_designer007: Another honest bit of advice - do not use “dear” or “sir” or “friend” when writing to people you do not know. I know I am not the only one who is put off by this. I recently corresponded with a seller that I wanted to buy from but the seller used all three of those in correspondence. I found another seller and bought elsewhere. These are all informal methods to address people in at least American English and it may be in British English as well but someone from there would have to confirm this.

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Need more sales? Help making your gig? Want to know what impresses buyers? This post will help!


• Creating A Gig

• ~Step One: Do your research

• ~Step Two: Create a catching title

• ~Step Three: Select appropriate categories

• ~Step Four: Upload relevant pictures

• ~Step Five: Write a detailed description

• ~Step Six: Optimize your tags/keywords

• ~Step Seven: Create an exciting promo video

• ~Step Eight: Activate your gig (NEW! Nov 7th)

• Promoting A Gig

• ~Social Media

• ~Social Bookmarking

• ~Forum Posts

• Handing Orders

• ~Be Polite

• ~Keep them updated

• ~Ask for rating/reviews

This discussion is not a location for you to promote your gigs. Please promote your gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category of the forums.

Read the Full here:


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I joined fiverr one year ago and I am from Pakistan. I got level 02. but my problem is that I am not getting order on daily basis. I get order once a weak or so on. I am also not getting order automatically. one of my friend live in Sri Lanka and he is doing well in fiverr and get order automatically. Can anybody tell me that how can I get order automatically
my gigs link is as follows:

can anybody help me in this regard.

your reply in this regard would be highly appriciated


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