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How to get more orders?


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I’ve got my first order three months ago and from that day, I’ve got only 12 orders. I reached Level 1 about two weeks ago and I have 100% positive rating on my profile. But where’s the problem? Why I’m not getting orders anymore? Please help me guys, maybe take a look at my profile and gigs and tell me where’s the problem. Thanks in advance! 🙂

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You’re selling the same thing as 131234234 other sellers. You have some possibilities:

  • Find buyers outside Fiverr yourself, promoting your services.
  • Offer something that differentiates you from the rest.
  • Assume that there will be months in which you’ll make some sales, and others in which you’ll make almost none.

Good luck!!

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@flowerpearl if you are receiving messages from buyer… then best way to get the order. increase your response time. also you need to talk with buyer… understand buyer requirements,
most importantly give respect to buyer 🙂

second case if you not getting messages form buyer. then improve your gig description
explain your work description in EASY,CLEAR AND built form!
also change the tags and test tag again and again to improve your impression rat on gig

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