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More messages before purchase, did Fiverr change something


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I have only one gig up at the moment, and I’m starting to see a trend that makes me wonder what the buyer experience is with my gigs. I have received several separate messages regarding my gig with questions that are clearly answered in the gig description.

I even had one person submit all the required information and judging by his message I believe he thought he was submitting an order with the expectation for me to get started. I pointed him to the gig and instructed him about the process to purchase, but is there something I’m not aware of? Or is this just a coincident and the buyers just don’t know any better?

Thank you … Scott

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Hi, Scott.

It’s possible that the uptick in messages reflects a move in your gig profile to a more visible spot in the search.

No offence meant, but I think you might be assuming that all of your potential buyers know more about photographs and other graphics than they do. Although I do some illustration, I’m not a designer as such, and when I read your Facebook picture gig description, I wasn’t entirely sure what it is you do… something with source files and crispness? If a source file doesn’t have sufficient resolution already, can you do something about that?

Perhaps it might be useful for you to make your description a little more idiot-proof?

Just something to consider, maybe.


A random buyer.

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