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Cancellation without reason. Time waste. How we can protect us?

Guest georgippetrov

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Guest georgippetrov

Hello everyone,

not sure if this was already mention by other sellers but here i am just join and get 2 cancelation in a few days from buyers. Both of them wasn’t my fault. First seller buy my regular gig and next morning contact me to ask if the order is done as he needed immediately. Obviously it wasn’t ready as he buy regular 5 days delivery gig. So he cancel the gig.

Yesterday i sold gig including all my extras and most important express delivery. Gig was sold around 2.30pm and i deliver 3 revisions by 10.30pm Guess what? Never got any feedback so i contact CS and they advise me to cancel by mutual agreement so i avoid bad rating. Well i did this and hour later the buyer agreed even i explained why i am cancelling and told him i can finish the job right away if he decline.

So here is the issue. He receive 3 revisions of flyers. This mean he can use them ( i know i should put watermark but hey just slip out of my mind).

However in real life situation you will get at list 20% deposit for your job before you even start so you are cover for any issues, such as this.

My question is - Why we ‘THE SELLERS’ are not protected from situation as this one. I spend time to design this 3 versions and i was ready in time. So i basically waste my time and didn’t make any money just another cancellation.

Love this place but should we talk a little be more how to make it secure and avoid buyers like this.


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