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GUIDE - How to keep a 5 star rating in 6 steps?


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Hello everybody, first of all, let me presente myself, my name is Rafael, I started on Fiverr 5 months ago in Graphics & Designs category. I’m 100% positive rating over 250 sales. I know I’m not experienced like some 10k+ sellers, but it’s going really nice for me.

My page:


So how did I get 5 stars rating on every sale?

I Will be DIRECT. Follow my most important tips:

1- (VERY IMPORTANT) DO NOT PROMISSE TO DO SOMETHING YOU CAN’T DO… Just because your clients will be disapointed if they won’t recieve what they were looking for.

2- BE GENTLE… Many times I got rewarde with good rating or good $ rewards (sometimes both).

3- BE AS FAST AS POSSIBLE TO ANSWER YOUR CLIENTS and DELIVER THEIR ORDERS… Again, many times I got rewarde with good rating or good $ rewards (sometimes both).

4- (IMPORTANT) IF YOU CAN, SEND SAMPLES… This way you will know if you are in the right way to satisfy your clients, and satisfied clients give you 5 stars rating. >>> Don’t forget to protect your samples (water mark in my case).

5- (OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT) BE HONEST… Be honest to your clients. Sometimes a lot of projects won’t work, so EXPLAIN why it would’n work.

6- (IMPORTANT) DON’T BE AFRAID TO OFFER TO CANCEL ORDERS… A lot of times some clients send me bad images that I think it will look bad after work, but many times it look amazing to the client eye, you never know. SO WHAT I MEAN? If you think you will deliver a bad work, talk to your client, send them samples, ask what they think, so if they won’t like your work(sample), ask gently to cancel (you won’t get the money, but you won’t get bad ratings and probably this client will be back later).

So my friends, it’s not only a good quality work that matters, these “extras” you can offer make a HUGE difference.

Many times must be tempting to get the money and recieving a bad rating, but think in long term, it could ruin all you image. FIVERR is a social network of SERVICES, and your reputation worth more than a single order.



I hope I could help. See you in Fiverr.

Thank you very much,


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Good points! I learned my lesson last night by offering something that I wasn’t 100% that I could do. I spent 5 hours and still couldn’t get it completely right. However, I kept very good communication with the buyer the whole time and he ended up giving me 5 stars even though I couldn’t do everything he needed me to do.

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