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Buyer didnt Submitted information after Purchasing my GIG


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Hello Guyz am in a weird Situation,

I sell services on fiverr as you know! I also buy some Gigs so am a Dual Fiverr User, Anyway the Issue is!

A buyer came and ordered my gig, But didnt left any information so the countdown didn’t Started!

Now i am nudging him sending him Msgs to submit information but he isn’t Replying and the Gigs he Ordered are still there?

When he ordered the Gig Obviously Fiverr Debited his Money. So no case of Buyer running away right?

What I wanna know is that …“WHAT NEXT?”

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All you can do is nudge and message the buyer now and then and hope they come back. You can also request a mutual cancellation but chances are the buyer won’t respond to that either so you would end up with an increased cancellation rate. Personally i have one hanging order from last october and i guess its safe to say the buyer isn’t coming back so eventually i will have to cancel and get penalized for it!

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