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A few suggestions :

Firstly short hand -save it for your notepad and social media childhood days.

That means PPT is to me a potential customer a sign to stay away from you.

suggested Fix:

Impressive PowerPoint Presentation $5

Avoid sounding desperate - this one is more likely just my opinion .

First of all my ultimate goal is maximum customer SATISFACTION

suggested Fix :

Delete entirely the other lines you have are more then sufficient.

(Also capitalization REALLY annoys some people)

offer services with assurances - not unlimited fixes

Some customers will take full advantage of you I strongly urge you to rethink this.

suggested Fix :

I offer many revisions so you can be assured it works.

These suggestions are of course entirely subjective and you may find better advice from more experienced fiverr users I wish you the best of luck.

Final note there is a broken link and strong accent going on in your presentations.

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Hi bachas85.

Share your gig in various social media sites like Facebook, twitter, linkdin, redit etc.

Post the link of your gig on gig related blogs.

Also made clear concept about yourself, your field of work, your expertise, your interest (a full concept about your performance) before the buyer. Make trust of the buyers. Your dedication about your work.

Best of luck.


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