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A new job offer?


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Hi Guys.

I need a simple offline copy of an internet website/blog, with all files & pages intact, so that I can read all the blog posts offline. If this is covered by any of your gigs, please respond to this request here on this message thread.

However, before you offer your services, please make certain of the following points:

  1. The work must be done in ONE gig. Not 6 gigs, not 2 gigs, but in 1 gig only. After all, it’s just a website copy, not a film screening.

  2. You must be able to deliver an exact website copy. The website copy must be complete. This means the website must look just like the original even when it’s viewed offline. In other words, all graphics, CSS, files within the website must also be on my website copy. Remember, I need an exact website copy of the whole website, not merely of a part of it.

    If you are willing to create me an exact and complete offline copy of an existing website for one gig, please don’t send me a message; simply answer for the request on this thread here. If you look at my profile, you’ll notize that I always give detailed and good feedback for a job well done.

    Best wishes,



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Hello Amandy,

Thanks, but I tried that earlier with several other gigs. Not only does Fiverr give you not enough word count to properly describe what you need, but whenever I had posted a gig request, I was spammed with dozens of gigs that I didn’t want, AND most of them were so generically phrased, that you couldn’t even see at a glance what they were about: "Hey andragohn, I saw your suggestion and thought you might be interested in my Gig"

You actually had to open every message (and, say, you got 78 of those messages in a string; good look keeping straight everything!), and within those messages, you didn’t really get to read whether the gig offerer was any good or whether reading his message was just a waste of your valuable time.

Nope, you had to click a link at the end of the generic message. That would then bring you to the gig offerer’s gig page.

…Where it turned out that the gig was, at BEST, tangentially but distantly related to what you needed: Say, you request about needing a new illustration of the Frog-Prince, but not in manga art style, and you get lots and lots and lots (and lots) of generic photo editing gigs!

The last time this happened, I finally decided not to request gigs anymore.

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