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The obvious of course is to make sure your gigs are written well for what people are looking for, which is not always easy. Think out of the box and also think what others are looking for. Make sure the titles are what they are searching for so that it brings buyers easier to your gigs. Now, I sometimes post my gig links on Craigslist and Backpages bring more to Fiverr and to me. I have seen others gigs show up in search results and sometimes having your link on sites like Craigslist and can help with that.

You can also read what people are looking for on the side of the home page if your looking for work…per say. I do not think it is cost of effective to do PPC on Google or other sites.

Share your gig on Facebook and Twitter and … make sure you encourage your friends to share it as much as possible. This can be very effective.

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