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Looking for help building a specific kind of dictation quiz websitesystem


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Not sure if anyone can do this sort of thing, or whether it’s possible, so posting here. Please comment (Sellers) if you think you can help me.

I need a site set up where I can run a specific type of dictation short answer quiz that has mp3s/videos in the quiz. It would work like this.

The user would:

  1. see a screen with a text input box, and an icon to click to play the mp3/video file.
  2. The mp3 file should be playable only once on that screen.
  3. The user types in a sentence or phrase they hear.
  4. Then they click a “submit answer” button.
  5. Their answer is automatically graded via a database which checks for each word they write. If they write words in the database, then they will get points (e.g., 4 points) for each correct word.
  6. The screen should show both the text they typed and their total score.
  7. Then they click a “2nd try” button somewhere on the screen.
  8. The next screen will show their first answer. It will also have an empty text box and the same mp3/video file (for them to play only once) again. They listen/watch again. Again, they click submit and they are shown the score (3 points per word this time) and the text they typed.
  9. Then they click a “3rd try” button somewhere on the screen.
  10. The third screen is like the second screen – it should carry over the text answer from the second try, and again there should be a text box for entry. On this screen they will hear the mp3/video again, though it will be a slightly modified version.
  11. Again they type their answer, and they are given a score (2 points per word this time), and shown what they typed.
  12. Finally, they click on a “compare with peers” button which takes them to a screen where they are shown their answer on one side, and answers from previous quiz takers (drawn from a database) on the other side. Again, there is a text box for them to type their answer at the bottom of the screen after seeing others’ answers.
  13. There are two buttons on the final screen that say “do another problem” or “stop here today”. These buttons either take them to a new problem or to and “end” screen.

    A few other things that are desired/important:

  14. A confidence rating scale they can click on each screen (e.g., how confident are they that they typed the dictation correctly).
  15. Something that tracks the amount of time they spend on each screen.
  16. It should be mobile-friendly (i.e., smartphone).
  17. All data from the quiz should automatically export to excel or some easy to manage database.
  18. I have to be able to create and modify items for this test, being able to upload new mp3s and videos as necessary. This has to be easy enough for me to do.

    If anyone thinks they can do something like this, please contact me, and I can send you sample screenshots and explain other details. I understand this is a big job. It’s not a rush, but I need it done well, and I’m happy to pay for something done well.


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