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How I got to level one in a month


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Hi all

I thought I would share my experience on Fiverr as a seller. I have worked in design for many years now but had never used Fiverr as a seller, only as a buyer. I decided a month ago to start selling some of my simpler services on Fiverr to see what the community on here was like.

I am pleased to say that a month on I have had over 15 orders and all of my customers have been over the moon with the service I have provided leaving 5 star reviews.

Initially, the first hurdle I had was overcoming Fiverr’s tricky photo uploading procedure when setting up a gig but apart from that I have been very impressed the Fiverr platform.

In terms of attracting customers I thought it was best to go for as much information as possible on the gig description and show people exactly what they will get. This attracted a few gigs to start with and as I said I earned good ratings.

I think the ratings help to push up your gig when people search for it as I have one particular gig which gains a lot more impressions than another very similar gig.

In terms of gaining good reviews, of course the quality of work needs to be good - that is first and foremost. But, for me - the other thing that I have really focused on is good communication with my customers. I encourage customers to give as much information as possible to allow me to meet their design brief and I inbox them to ask questions if I am unsure - I never try to read minds as this is an impossible task and ends up being time consuming as customers will always tell you if you have not met the brief.

The other way I have impressed my customers is through fast delivery times - this is something that people love so make this a focus as it will help you gain repeat custom.

I have now reached Level 1 status and am looking forward to level 2 and beyond. I am looking forward to a long and prosperous reign in the world of Fiverr and enjoy the work as it is short, quick jobs that give you almost immediate recognition for your efforts.

I’d be happy to answer questions from other new buyers or sellers.


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