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Unresponsive Sellers


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I am about to have my third gig (out of 9) cancelled because the seller failed to complete and was unresponsive. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tell if someone is going to complete the work? Because feedback is only given on completed gig i can’t see if the seller will actually do what they say.

Just ends up being a big waste of time and i have to wait for the funds to be deposited back before i can look for someone else.

Any suggestions?

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Yup, griffioen makes a good point here, consider dropping sellers a private message before ordering. You can also check out the sellers’ response time to messages under their profile. The most active sellers should respond within 1-2 hours.


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On Monday morning I sent two emails to two different sellers (both are level 2). And yes I used the fiverr “contact me” button for both sellers. And Yes, the “emails” are in my inbox/sent mail folder in fiverr.

I was asking clarification about what they delivered with a logo design - is it a jpeg, and what size (as they charge more for a HQ size).

But neither seller responded in two days. Both sellers are level 2, and both sellers have reviews and activity on their fiverr page within the last day.

Is this common? I’m not happy with being ignored, and now certainly not going to use these sellers. But how do I warn others - not to waste their time?

Yesterday, I contacted a third seller who responded immediately and I placed my order with them.

Is there are way to give a review for being ignored? I completely understand that sometimes things come up, but to see activity on their fiverr page, and being ignored is not nice.

I’m new to fiverr, and wondering how others handle this situation. Should I be contacting multiple sellers to see who responds? Like pick 5 sellers, send them all an email (contact me), and wait to see who responds?

Thanks for your responses.

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My experience in fiverr is generally good except for the last few attempts at getting pictures editted. One of the not nice and especially irritating moments are sellers cancelling your order after a long wait (aka dateline of order delivery reached, sometimes after 5 - 20 days).

You wouldn’t have suspected it since there are constant delivery feedback on their profile, it just meant that they are delivering orders but just not yours.

I would also hope for a review button for orders that are cancelled too. Due to the fact that the seller has almost that duration period of time to contact you that he can’t make time and to just cancel it at the very start.

And after months of not purchasing a gig from here, coming back hasn’t been pleasant since most of the sellers I met for graphics are unresponsive until the time for delivery and their only response are cancellation of orders and telling you “how very sorry they are” after making you wait for about 3 - 5 days.

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