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Please please please please pleeeease offer the option of having audio samples on gig page!


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Hey there!! I’m calisto, better known around here as Calisto2986! Been with fiverr for 2.5 years and LOVE IT! Seriously though, it’s opened up doors for me and my strange creativeness that I didn’t know were possible! Love to act and, well talk, and ya. Fiverr showed me I could get PAID for it!! Crazy right??? So far I’ve made like 9 grand on this site, it’s paid for my two boys’ hockey, my daughter’s playschool fees, vacations, not to mention our ENTIRE Christmas this year!!

Sorry, babbling a bit there. Just love the site. ANY way, what I’m asking is that you guys could figure out a way to let my buyers share their AUDIO orders to my gig page??? I know that option is available for designers, and artists, and video people, and I just really really really would like to not have to send a sample to each person who asks, or have to send them to an outside source like soundcloud, it would just be amazing to have them be able to click right on the gig and hear EXACTLY what they could get. So seriously, can we make this a thing? Pleeeeeeease??? ;😉

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