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Building one strong company using Fiverr tools!


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I think about this activity as a leisure part of my activities and i was very happy when i deliver my first order request task.

The first idea was to enlarge my activity and recruit a lot of guys for creating one big gap but fiverr let me create maximum seven gigs.

Then i figure out another strategy: to share fiverr banner on my website of Gummytraveler and i really do it!

In time i will try to craft some video prezentation of my gigs and to make from this seven gigs i could manage the best gigs for my activity!

I find a good strategy to learn more and more about my activity and my competitors and start work with them as partners.

After i receive my first 12 dollars on this website i become more and more confident on the toolerage i could built for my company!

I wish you all the best and i will start share my experience with Fiverr on this Forum.

Wish me good luck on new developments!

You what strategies have applied and had doesn’t worked?

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