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Guest pdxeffects

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Guest pdxeffects

Hello Fiverr staff & community!

The title says it all… CAD

I’m new here on Fiverr and I can’t help to notice that a top-level category for “CAD” is missing.

I’m suggesting that 3D professionals like myself need a dedicated area to propose our gigs for potential buyers.

Currently the only 3D category is under Video & Animation, a category which my current & future gigs don’t exactly fit into, as they are design / engineering related, such as concept & product development. Therefore these type of gigs do not fit well under the current Graphics & Design category, either.

CAD developers build innovative new products, make old ones better, and engineer things to work in real life. Suggestion/Solution: please add categories such as CAD, 3D Modeling, 3D Design, etc.


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