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Each forum board needs a sticky!

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Each and every category should start off with a ‘sticky’ discussion thread that outlines the brief rules of the forum: no ‘calling out’; Fiverr staff does not use the forum - buyer/seller issues can only be addressed by submitting a ticket to Customer Support; self-promotion is only allowed in the “My Gigs” section; and quick instructions on how to use the forum search function.

Just for kicks there could also be a blanket statement that if something odd is happening with your account, order or gig, YES, OTHERS ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. Some have created a support ticket, some have not. Some issues have resolved themselves, some have not. Customer Support is aware of the problem and is working on it. 🙂

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kjblynx said: They are admins, glorified sheriff/moderators, not programmers. They can change anything, but they can talk to Fiverr Staff more.
Why am I not surprised that Fiverr would have "admins" that can't administrate anything, and would simply be adding another layer to the back-and-forth? More talk, no trousers.


ruxandradraws said: I don't want to be pessimist or anything but I really believe that the great majority of people who don't respect the rules of the forum probably won't mind the stickies, its just how they are.
Yeah, I agree, but that's why another option is to hire people and actually give them the authority/ability to affect the functionality of the forum.


But really, why would they bother? This place just keeps growing no matter how weird, inefficient or frustrating.

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Couldn’t agree more with the stickys , though I would like to see them sticky useful threads so you don’t have to tab across pages to see it.

Threads like New to Fiverr? Read this BEFORE you ask “How to get Buyers?” byvoiceover

or Share an easy way for beginners to get sales. by radjaseotea

or maybe 10 Tips for Getting Started on fiverr by websitevideo (page10)

Maybe there could be a Safety tips

One for buyers in on what to do if you have problems.

And one for sellers on the same topic.

Though there are do’s and dont’s up at the top for rules , guides for the newbies are in short supply and would definitely help fiverr retain customers and sellers for longer time frames.

Programming wise though this site is severely flawed and based on my loose interactions with fiverr staff it appears to me to run on a shoestring budget.

It would be unlikely that additional functions would even be considered.

You know useful ones like stickys , polls , emoticons ,choice of font ,font colour.

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