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Would appreciate any college advice/guidance


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So, I’m a junior, but I’m predicting my senior year based on extremely realistic standards. Below is something I would say when I am a senior, and all that would be true (well, the SAT score is already true). Judging on the portion below, which UC colleges would be good for me (saves a lot of money if I’m in-state, but also willing to hear out other colleges), especially if I am going to pursue a medical or biological career?

I’m currently a senior and have been trying to decide where to apply. I live in California and want to attend one of the UC universities. I have been in the top 10% of my class (about 640 students) for all 4 years. I have a 4.1 weighted 10-12 GPA (I had a pretty bad sophomore year with a 3.7 weighted), and scored a 2050 on the SAT. I’m involved a number of extracurriculars with leadership roles in most. I am the trumpet section leader for the school band (4 years), the treasurer for the Interact Club, which is Rotary-sponsored (4 years), a co-captain of the Cross Country Varsity team (3 year member), a runner on the Varsity Track & Field team (4 year member), and a member of the school’s 15-person Science Olympiad team (3 year member). I know I can’t really show you folks my college essay, but considering these factors, where do I have a shot at? I’ve always wanted to go to UCLA, but I know that that is probably not going to happen.

Thanks a lot

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