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Bacteria used for cancer vaccines! Yes this is true?


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Therapeutic cancer vaccine being a part of immunotherapy shows effective and potential approaches against cancer treatment. Many different types of cancer vaccines butthey are not yet approved in the United States to treat cancer have shown some promise in clinical trials. Bacteria are also being used for cancer vaccines. To express antigens, Listeria monocytogenes has been engineered and used to treat various cancerous growths.

Listeria preferentially infects monocytes and generates a strong innate immune response. ADXS11-001 (ADXS-HPV) LM-LLO is a live attenuated Listeria monocytogenes engineered to secrete a HPV-16-E7 fusion protein. This immune based therapy is designed to target HPV transformed cells and is being evaluated for the treatment of cervical cancer. Animal models have shown that ADXS-HPV increases the level of circulating T cells and reduces the levels of TREG cells and MDSCs breaking immune tolerance. In a phase II clinical trial, ADXS11-001 has been used in 110 patients with recurrent and refractory cervical cancer that had been treated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The patients received ADXS11-001 as a single or ADXS11-001 plus cisplatin. Some patients experienced complete responses and partial responses. But no improvement in responses was noted in patients that received cisplatin as a chemotherapy in addition to ADXS11-001.

Initial studies of immunotherapy combinations with targeted therapies have been promising, as have vaccines making use of oncolytic viruses, Listeria monocytogenes and mRNA. Many different types of cancer vaccines have shown some promise in clinical trials, howeverthey are not until now approved in the United States to treat cancer. Therefore, primary goal of a cancer vaccine also part of immunotherapy is not only to prevent disease but to generate an active immune response against an existing cancer.

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