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Seller Portfolio question, why don't they show up?


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Greetings, I have started my gigs back up after being away for 8 months and noticed my last two gigs have not showed up on the portfolio of samples (I have provided a sample to be used). I researched this and it appears the buyer has the option to check a box to not have their work show up on my portfolio. Is this something that is checked by default? and why is it the buyer has the final say in this?

It feels more and more like Fiverr is tilting the scales in favor of the buyer. I’m really trying to see the silver lining and wonder how Fiverr plans to keep the sellers happy. No sellers means nothing for the buyers to purchase.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with this? I saw one seller had a link to a Flickr page where all their previous work was being showcased. Is this acceptable with the Fiverr TOS??

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Is perfectly normal for buyer to have “the last say” in this. Since Fiverr do not work with any NDA is fair. You can not do too much about that. You can not ask to buyers that because is their personal choice.

Flickr is allowed to use but personally I respect the buyer choice when they check the option to not show up to my profile even if they dont ask me that.

All the Best,


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