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Sellers read on | Does late delivery hurt your rating


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I give you some tips on this one , as i have been doing this for some time.

past months i have been really tired and fed up typing the same shit again and again when delivering orders also i have been busy with family and not able to sit around on my computer like a geek , the main question from my experience is does ( LATE ) delivery hurt your rating

from my experience NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it does not as long your work is ok you should have nothing to worry about no sweat at all.

the kind of work i do i am good at it and i am 100% sure every delivery i make whether is late or not i will get good feedback without me saying anything to them.


if you se ( LATE ) message just quickly respond to that order say ( your order is being processed ) and thats it you bought your self more time.

Do your normal work send it of and se what happens and then come back here and make a comment let me know if it worked for u.

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