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Recent Boom in Business


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The title says it all for this one. To my surprise one day I happened to go through my email and noticed an email from Fiverr. Usually the emails I get are news letters and such but this one said I had an order. Now I want you to know I have had this account for almost over a year now and I have had the gig up forever. So that is why I was so surprised to see an order. Then next thing you know there were two more orders in the same day. Then 3 days pass by and 5 more orders, and so on. It’s been a week since the first order and I’ve gotten a total of 11 orders. That’s more business then I’ve ever had on here and I’m not sure what caused it. But I appreciate all of the buyers! I have also had a boom in impressions, views, and clicks as well. So something definitely happened or something. I don’t know! But Thank You Fiverr and the community that keeps it all together!

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